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Flights to Walgett, NSW

The gateway to North West NSW, Walgett lies on the Barwon river and is home to a few thousand people. Sharing a rich cultural history and thriving local community, we’re proud to serviced Walgett from Dubbo, three times each week as part of our scheduled passenger flights.

Flights to Walgett can also be flown as on-demand charters by Air Link from either Sydney, or anywhere within Australia, in whichever of our aircraft that suits your requirements. There are poor weather approaches, runway lighting and aviation fuel at Walgett airport, so we can fly 24/7, rain or shine.

Schedule Information

For those wishing to book a single seat on our flights to Walgett, our weekly flight timetable is below.

Monday Wednesday Friday
Dubbo to Walgett Dubbo to Walgett Dubbo to Walgett

08:30 AM – 09:30 AM


08:30 AM – 09:30 AM


08:30 AM – 09:30 AM


Walgett to Dubbo Walgett to Dubbo Walgett to Dubbo

16:30 PM – 17:30 PM


15:20 PM – 16:20 PM


15:20 PM – 16:20 PM



Walgett Airport has an air conditioned passenger terminal, with separate Male/Female toilets, seating and refreshments for guests traveling with Air Link.

Availability & Aircraft

Walgett (YWLG) has no restrictions on the type of aircraft we can fly in, or out. There are no curfews, and only occasional weather delays in summer due to thunderstorms or rain.

Seasonal Weather

Walgett is located in the heart of New South Wales, on the Barwon River. Summer temperatures are similar to Dubbo, ranging from 25-40 degrees C, with afternoon storms occasionally rolling through to bring much needed rain. In Winter, it gets cold at night (occasionally down to -5 degrees) with a top of around 25 in the day. Why do we mention all this? Air Link operate aircraft fully equipped to handle such weather events, with on board Weather Radar, Flight in Known Icing certification (turbine only) and Synthetic Vision (turbine only).

Fuel – 24/7

When it comes to regional air charter, the availability of fuel may impact whether we need to stop along the way, or fly direct. Walgett Airport has 24/7 fuel availability for piston engine aircraft (Our Piper Chieftain, and Cessna 310’s), allowing us to refuel prior to departure. This saves times, and gives you the maximum range possible for your flight.

Connecting Flights

Are you connecting from an international or domestic flight with the airlines, and need a transfer somewhere regional? We’ve been there, and know how to streamline the process with van transfers from your airline’s baggage pickup direct to our aircraft on the tarmac. We’ll have you back in the air and direct to your final destination in no time.

Other Airports

Did you know we fly to every airport in Australia, including homestead airstrips and mine sites? You do now! Our charter services are the best in the country, and our airline services the below airports 3 times each week.

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