Sydney to Dubbo Flights

Sydney is the largest city in Australia, but connecting flights between major regional hubs and Sydney (or Bankstown) can be tricky! We’ve been flying passengers into Sydney since 1974, and we’d love to show you how easy it is when flying with Air Link.

Flights between Canberra and Dubbo are flown as on-demand charters by Air Link, in whichever of our aircraft that suits your requirements. There are no curfews in either Dubbo or Canberra airports, so we can fly 24/7.

Terminal Information

Sydney has two options for arrivals and departures, depending on your requirements and budget. But to answer one of our most popular questions – YES! We do fly to the main Sydney Airport, we fly there regularly.

Bankstown Airport (Air Link Lounge)

For the most flexible way to arrive, we recommend using Air Link’s flight lounge at Bankstown Airport. Undercover Parking is available, and our newly furnished lounge and meeting room is the perfect place to relax before or after a flight. We enjoy roadside access to our hangar, so we can have your transfer cars waiting right there as you disembark or ready for a quick departure (and less time walking!)

Sydney Airport

If you prefer the convenience of Sydney’s main airport, no problem! We utilise the terminal facilities at Jet Aviation and Execujet, world leaders in providing first class services to the worlds most prestigious aircraft. We can provide pickup from the Sydney International Terminal and have you on board one of our aircraft in less than 30 minutes – ready to fly from Sydney to Dubbo, or anywhere else in Australia.

We are exempt from curfew restrictions at Sydney Airport, able to operate 24/7, 365 days a year. Subject to slot time requirements of course.

Parking at Sydney Airport is available, but additional fees may apply for long stays.

Availability & Aircraft

Being an International Airport, Sydney (SYD) has no restrictions on the type of aircraft we can fly in, or out. There are no curfews (for us), and only occasional weather delays in winter due to high winds which close two out of Sydney Airport’s three runways.

Seasonal Weather

Sydney is Australia’s largest city, established on the coast in what many consider to be the perfect climate. Expect to encounter good weather on most days, with occasional turbulence in Winter. Summer temperatures are similar to Brisbane with less humidity, ranging from 20-35 degrees C, with afternoon storms sweeping up from Canberra on a regular basis. Why do we mention all this? Air Link operate aircraft fully equipped to handle such weather events, with on board Weather Radar, Flight in Known Icing certification (turbine only) and Synthetic Vision (turbine only).

Fuel – 24/7

When it comes to regional air charter, the availability of fuel may impact whether we need to stop along the way, or fly direct. Bankstown and Sydney Airport (and Dubbo of course!) both have 24/7 fuel availability for both piston and turbine engines, allowing us to refuel prior to departure. This saves time, and gives you the maximum range possible for your flight.

Connecting Flights

Are you connecting from an international or domestic flight with the airlines, and need a transfer somewhere regional? We’ve been there, and know how to streamline the process with van transfers from your airline’s baggage pickup direct to our aircraft on the tarmac. We’ll have you back in the air and direct to your final destination in no time.

Other Airports

Did you know we fly to every airport in Australia, including homestead airstrips and mine sites? You do now! Regular routes we fly are below, and of course can be reversed, or flown as return trips.

  • Sydney to Griffith
  • Sydney to Bourke
  • Sydney to Cessnock
  • Sydney to Gold Coast
  • Sydney to Sunshine Coast
  • Sydney to Broken Hill
  • Sydney to Grafton