Louth Races

Louth Races Charter Flights

Louth has an incontestable status for staging an unforgettable annual race meeting that keeps the crowds coming back year after year! The Louth Races are not one to miss. If you are interested in booking a charter flight to the Louth Races be assured we have you covered. Read below and see how it’s all done.


Louth is a tiny town situated within the great Australian outback south-west of Bourke and north-west of Cobar, Louth has an incontestable status for staging an unforgettable annual race meeting that keeps the crowds coming back. The experience of the Louth Races is truly inimitable. Here’s a short breakdown of what goes on over the 4 days at the friendliest and most unique outback race meeting.


The main star of the show! The Louth Races are held on the first Saturday after the NSW bank holiday. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the punters to experience a bit of outback partying as well as feel the rush of the horses thundering past the winning post creating a cloud of orange dust. The donations raised at the main race go to not only the town of Louth itself, but they also donate a significant amount of funds to our friends at the RFDS too! Today the Louth Races offer bookies and TAB for betting as well as food facilities and marquees, true Australian Outback style.


Forget about the PGA. The Gundabooka Golf Challenge brings in the die-hard golf fans just as much as it brings in the keen party-goers. This challenge is held on a Wednesday and is the first pre-event leading up to the Louth Races. Ditch your entire set of golf clubs, chip and putt your way through the 9-hole outback course with just the help from one stick.


Friday is a day for the kids, the Louth Art and Craft Fair opens its doors to all visitors and has become increasingly popular particularly with children. Not only is this a fun day for families it also provides funds to one of the smallest schools in Australia with only 4 current enrolled students! This gives visitors an insight into how remote schools operate and how without them, essential education that children require would not be readily accessible and many families would have to move towns to seek education for their children. This is certainly an experience worth coming to Louth early for.


Who doesn’t enjoy a traditional Australian Outback pub? The Shindy’s Inn is the place to be particularly during the Louth Races. They not only offer a wonderful atmosphere to spend some time in but they also pride themselves on creating the best potato chips for hundreds of kilometres and they supply plenty of cold beer! The vibe picks up at the Shindy’s Inn throughout the duration of the Louth Races, the day before the main race the Shindy’s inn holds a race Calcutta this is where the vibe really starts to take off. You certainly don’t want to miss this!


Due to COVID-19, the 2020 and 2021 Louth Races was unfortunately cancelled although there is good news; 2022 is expected to be their biggest race meeting yet! Here at Airlink, we have plenty of aircraft but we expect that we will be booked out early due to the nature of how big this year’s race meeting will be. Getting to Louth can be tricky due to its remote location, therefore flying is not only the best but also the fastest option!


Fly to Louth exclusively with your friends or family in one of our aircraft. Just let us know what date and time you require and we will tailor it to suit your needs.  Whether you have booked a charter flight before or you are completely new to it, Airlink is here to help and will leave a long-lasting impression that you will be sure not to forget. Louth boasts a sealed and lit airstrip with courtesy transfers to the racecourse for those wishing to fly in on race day.


Here at Airlink currently, for the Louth Races we are only allowing bookings for an entire aircraft during the 4-day event. Contact us for a quote by filling out the form below or clicking the ‘Request A Quote’ button above.


Camping at Louth is free at the local racecourse for the Friday and Saturday nights during the Louth Races. If you plan to arrive before Friday the price is $10 per person/per night. There are many facilities ranging from toilets and a couple of showers. Free camping is available on the banks of the Darling River (close to Shindy’s Inn!) although this option does mean no facilities such as showers and toilets are provided. We allow passengers to bring their own camping gear onboard our flights, subject to space and weight restrictions.