Birdsville Races Charter Flights

It’s the biggest race weekend in the Outback, and nobody knows how to do the Birdsville Races better than Air Link!

The Birdsville Race weekend is one of our favourites all year. It’s true, that this is an absolute MUST SEE event, with non-stop racing action and a true outback adventure all rolled into one epic trip away. If you are interested in booking a charter flight to the Birdsville Races, read on to see how we do it in style!

Event Information

In the heart of the QLD outback, Birdsville Race weekend is a truly unique experience that should be on everyone’s must-see list. Here’s the short version of what happens over the two days.

The Birdsville Races

Of course the highlight of the weekend is the horse racing! Punters love it because it’s proper ‘old school’ betting. Push your way into the tent (among a few thousand of your mates), throw some cash at a ‘Birdsville bookie’ and return after the race to collect your winnings!

The Birdsville Hotel

Picture a classic Outback Pub, and the picture in your mind will look a lot like the Birdsville Hotel. During race week this quaint little pub turns into the epicenter of the Birdsville Races, with live music, great food, and thousands of mates all having a good time well into the night.

The Birdsville Fun Run

Whether you’re a plodder, or a pro, the Birdsville Fun Run is a great way to get out and see the true Birdsville. This 6km Fun Run is for all abilities, and takes place on the Wednesday prior to the races. Just by entereing, you can donate a few bucks to our friends at the RFDS too!

Fred Brophys Boxing Tent

Whether you’re a fan of boxing or not, Fred Brophys evening shows are not to be missed in Birdsville. Watch as his travelling troupe of semi-pro boxers take on anyone from the crowd who’s brave enough to step up. It’s rough, it’s dusty, and it’s distinctly Birdsville. You’ve got to see it!

Availability & Aircraft

We have a lot of aircraft here at Air Link, but on the Birdsville races weekend; we’re always booked out! Birdsville is so remote that flying really is the best way to get there. Besides, it’s also the best way to get accommodation (but more on that later).

Booking an entire aircraft

For the best Birdsville Races experience, book one of our aircraft exclusively for you and your friends or family. We’ll fly to your schedule, tailor the trip to go where you want to go, and most importantly; we’ll become part of a story you’ll remember forever.

Booking a seat to the Birdsville Races

Here at Air Link, (although we do run an airline); we choose to only allow bookings for an entire aircraft during the Birdsville Races weekend.

How Long Will You Stay?

After many many years of ‘doing the races’, we recommend flying to Birdsville on the Friday morning. We’ll leave from your choice of location with the aim of arriving in Birdsville before lunch, and before the races start! Of course nobody leaves on the Saturday, because Saturday night in Birdsville is when all the action is! On Sunday, everyone starts packing up their tents and heading for the highway at Sunrise. That’s our queue to leave too! Except we’ll have you home by lunch, when everyone else will be 3 days on the dusty highways.

Birdsville Races Accommodation

When it comes to staying in Birdsville during race week, we’ve tried it all, and we think the best option is to camp at the airport. Best of all, it’s included in the cost of your charter, and right in the heart of Birdsville!

Camping at Birdsville Airport

A once in a lifetime experience, camping with your aircraft at Birdsville is truly the best way to stay. Access to the airport is included in your charter fees, and for the week of the races; Diamontina Shire Council sets up the airport as a campground for those fortunate enough to be flying in. Clean toilets blocks, hot showers, no queues, and no crowds – that’s camping at the airport!

We allow passengers to bring their own camping gear on board our flights, subject to space and weight restrictions.

Cabins in Birdsville

Prefer to stay in a cabin? We can assist with booking more permanent accommodation only a short walk from the airport. These hotel room style cabins are run by the council, and are simply appointed with their own shower, toilet and double (or single) bed. Bookings fill fast for these cabins however, so get in touch with us ASAP to book (additional charges apply).

Birdsville Tent City

For those who don’t want to bring their own camping gear, Birdsvilles Tent City is the place to be! Arrive and check-in hotel style to your own pre-erected tent on the outskirts of Birdsville. During the Birdsville race weekend, about 500 of these tents are set up in rows, with shared shower and toilet facilities. Just like the cabins, these book out FAST, and are an additional charge to your aircraft charter.