About Us

Your Personal Regional Airline

Air Link has been making the lives of travellers easier since 1974.

We’ve remained one of the best regional airlines in New South Wales for almost 50 years by focusing on one thing. Our passengers.

We understand you’re tired of spending days or hours upon hours getting to remote locations and back.

With Air Link, you can reach your destination as quick as possible. Free up precious hours and live a more productive and relaxed life.

As one of the best regional airlines in the region, our services have allowed us to partner with the corporate and government sectors. NSW Health and Rural Fire Service are only a couple of the government departments we’ve worked with.

The people we fly with aren’t just passengers. They’re valued guests.

We look forward to adding you to the list.

Our Values

Prioritise Passenger Safety

As holders of the Air Operator’s Certificate, the highest aviation authorities regularly audit our planes. Your safety with us isn’t mere lip service. It’s been certified.

Link Passengers to their Goals

You booked a charter flight, because you need to get things done. Our aircraft and highly trained crew are ready to get you where you need to be. Let’s conquer your business goals together.

Customer-First Mindset

Everyone else can meet your needs. We want to exceed them. Our many years of aviation experience make us experts in addressing avoidable passenger concerns before, during and after the flight.

Our Certifications

Air Operator’s Certificate

Air Link is one of the few regional airlines in NSW that holds Air Operator’s Certificate NSW CASA TAAOC.0344 authorising Regular Public Transport, Charter and Aerial Work operations with Piper PA31-350 and Cessna 310R aircraft. Through our partners Aviation Logistics Operations Pty Ltd, holders of CASA TAAOC.0890, we now offer flights on board our own Cessna Citation Mustang and Beechcraft King Air.

Certificate of Approval

Air Link holds Certificate Approval C546343 authorising the conduct of maintenance and overhaul of certain aircraft components relating to Beech 1900D, Piper PA31-350, Cessna 310 as well as other piston engine aircraft below 5,700 kilograms Maximum Take-off Weight.